Ontario Ministry of Labour - Sector Plans 2013-2014

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

As part of Safe At Work Ontario the Ministry of Labour (MOL) develops annual sector-specific enforcement plans that focus on hazards specific to workplaces in different sectors of the economy. The plans describe the specialized and professional services office of the MOL as well as the industrial, health care, construction and mining sectors and outline what inspectors will be looking for in each sector during an inspection.


Provincial blitzes are intended to promote compliance at workplaces across the province. The initiatives focus on hazards that are inherent in the work process or have significant potential to contribute to injuries or illness. The schedule for Ministry of Labour provincial inspection blitzes is posted on the MOL web site. During a health and safety blitz, the MOL also seeks to raise the workplace parties’ awareness of the issues addressed by the blitz. Information about the campaigns for 2013-2014 can be found in the program-specific portion of the sector plans. Although inspection blitzes are announced in advance, individual workplaces are not notified.


The ministry works with its system partners to get the message out to all workplaces.



This year the following 4 key system priorities were identified for focused planning:


          musculoskeletal disorders

          slips, trips and falls

          machinery-related incidents, and

          motor vehicle incidents

 Priority will also be focused on vulnerable workers, small business and occupational disease.

Each sector specific health and safety program has also established priorities, which are outlined in the program specific sector plans.


To set your safety plan in accordance with the MOL, check your sector plan on the website.

Any questions or concerns contact us.










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